Dave Lu

Dave Lu, REALTOR® for Verve Realty Group

Energetic, Passionate, Knowledgeable, all about customers. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Dave loves helping people build their wealth through real estate investments. Dave always believes the customers’ needs and concerns are his number one priority.

After he completed his Master of Finance degree at Saint Mary’s University, Dave started his career in the hedge fund administration industry. Dave also owns and manages several restaurants in Halifax and Bedford and with that success and knowledge, he serves as a trusted advisor to clients who are thinking about purchasing investment and residential properties of their own.

Contact Dave at 902-402-3301 or by email at Dave.Lu@VerveRealty.ca

Dave Lu 08年圣玛丽商学院金融硕士毕业。之后一直从事金融行业。Dave不仅是哈法华人最早的特许金融分析师(CFA)持证人之一,更是多个餐饮生意的合伙人。旗下品牌包括日出茶太加东总代理,唐顺中餐,马队长牛肉拉面馆,Way to Roll 日本寿司,CrepeCrepe Cafe 还有在Barington st上即将开业的日餐馆Ju。金融分析师背景加上多年的商业创业经历为超哥积累了大量的人脉资源。现在越来越多的华人朋友选择创业,希望建立自己的生意。我们都知道在创业的过程中,资源与经验是最宝贵的资产。随着Dave的加入,Verve团队将能够更好地在生意买卖/评估,商业地产,店铺租赁等领域为想要创业的朋友服务。

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